We provide cloudinfrastack storage ranging from SSD storage with high performance for I/O intensive application to large storage HDD for video streaming and big data. We use Ceph, an Open source platform that aims for the best performance and distributed operations without a single point of failure.

We provide these solutions:

SSD storage

  • Best performance for virtual machines and databases
  • Lowest latency and the highest throughput
  • 2 or more copies of data for high availability and the best performance

HDD storage

  • Good performance for video streaming and big data applications
  • Medium latency and the best value
  • Erasure coding for the best data usage
Cloudinfrastack Icon Object Storage

Object storage

manages data as objects, easy web access, Amazon S3 compatible

Cloudinfrastack Icon File System

File System

manages data as a file hierarchy, great for legacy applications

Cloudinfrastack Icon Block Storage

Persistent disk

reliable, high performance block storage for virtual machine instances

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Benefits of cloudinfrastack Cloud Storage

Cloudinfrastack Icon Replication


In Ceph storage, all data is automatically replicated from one node to multiple other nodes, providing the best data security.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Erasure Coding

Erasure Coding

Data is broken into small fragments, encoded and subsequently stored. It offers the best storage efficiency.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Save Time and Resources

Spend less

We offer predictable pricing that can provide up to 90% savings on storage costs compared to other providers.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Scalability


You can choose storage which will match your needs from SSD to HDD, from object storage to persistent disk.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Distribution and High Availability

Scalability and High Availability

We use Open source Ceph to make sure that your data will be safely distributed and to ensure limitless scaling.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Non Stop Support

Non-stop Support

You can contact us 24/7 on our support line, we will help you with any problems.

Who is the service intended for?

We recommend our cloudinfrastack storage to all customers who:

  • need storage with access to a smaller or a bigger amount of data
  • need good performance for video streaming or big data application
  • need high performance for I/O intensive applications
  • want to store company data safely and without restrictions

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SSD Úložištěeach 1 GB0.27 €
7 Kč
HDD Úložištěeach 1 GB0.04 €
1 Kč