Cloudinfrastack Icon Private Cloud

Private Cloud

To all customers who:

  • outgrew the parameters and costs of a shared infrastructure at scale
  • have high-performance applications which require dedicated and predictable resources
  • have internal security regulations which do not allow their data to leave the company
Cloudinfrastack Icon Public Cloud

Public Cloud


  • big internet portals
  • e-shops
  • servers of web studies
  • payment systems
  • i-gaming projects
  • global internet projects
  • other online businesses
Cloudinfrastack Icon GPU Cloud

GPU Cloud

To all customers who:

  • need to ensure accuracy when performing large and complex financial transactions
  • scientific researchers and healthcare – where it is needed to solve complex molecular modelling, calculations or analyse massive amounts of data
  • need to accelerate, automate and eliminate manual workflows


SSD storage

  • Best performance for virtual machines and databases
  • Lowest latency and the highest throughput
  • 2 or more copies of data for high availability and the best performance

HDD storage

  • Good performance for video streaming and big data applications
  • Medium latency and the best value
  • Erasure coding for the best data usage

To all customers who:

  • need storage with access to a smaller or a bigger amount of data
  • need good performance for video streaming or big data application
  • need high performance for I/O intensive applications
  • want to store company data safely and without restrictions

Why choose OpenStack platform over VMware?


  • Based on one closed source
  • Monolithic architecture
  • Expensive license on per-processor basis
  • Lower initial cost, but fixed on licensing fees


  • Based on open source community
  • Architecture has a steep learning curve
  • Everything is free – you pay only for maintenance/support
  • Higher initial cost, but you will get more value due to the lack of licensing fees