DevOps consultation

Cloudinfrastack engineers will help you quickly gain alignment and make the necessary decisions to establish a scalable, secure infrastructure for digital business. Our DevOps consulting services will help you integrate your development and operations teams through the adoption of the cloud-native solutions.

DevOps is a company culture rather than a technological execution. As such, it might require a complete overhaul in your company´s practices to improve communication and collaboration between the development and operations.

Our approach to DevOps is designed to be accommodating to business goals regardless of your maturity in automated operations. Whether you are just starting out your cloud journey, or you are looking for an advanced automation, our wide range of expertise is here to help.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Creation of Strategy

Creating a


We start by assessing your current IT capabilities, producing a business case, application lifecycle maturity audit and DevOps roadmap to meet your business requirements.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Technology Selection



Our experts help you understand and select different types of automation and cloud-native technologies needed to execute your defined DevOps strategy and roadmap.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Development and Testing

& Testing


We design your existing processes and workloads to operate in the advanced DevOps and cloud tools that you have selected, seamlessly and securely.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Complete Overview



We establish automated monitoring and reporting for performance measurement and operational visibility to prove the success of your DevOps transformation.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Operations Management



Once your DevOps implementation is complete, our experts will become a part of your team, assisting in managing your automated operations, improving delivery productivity and security.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Continuous Transformation



With our wide range of cloud, automation, and data expertise, we continue to be your integrated technology partner, helping you with future transformation to stay ahead of your competition.

Cloudinfrastack’s aim is to ensure that our clients can gain enough knowledge to make informed decisions about managing and optimizing their own infrastructure, whether they choose to completely outsource these functions or keep them in-house.