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We can deploy any Open Source software. Our DevOps engineers can modify and customize your current IT infrastructure to help you increase your efficiency and save you time and resources. We are proud to be Open Source advocates and promoters who contribute to multiple public Open Source projects.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Configuration and Orchestration 1. Configuration and Orchestration

We will manage the operation of your existing environment by implementing automation processes. Our experts will select the best configuration and orchestration tools and workflows for the infrastructure as a code. You will be able to easily automate repetitive tasks and deploy any complex applications faster and more efficiently.

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Why cloudinfrastack Configuration and Orchestration?


You can easily automate repetitive tasks, deploy applications, or manage servers.

Save Time and Resources

Configuration and Orchestration dramatically increase time efficiency while maintaining large-scale modern IT systems. You will therefore need less administrative staff to manage these systems.

Decrease Risk of Manual error

Thanks to automation processes you will be able to significantly decrease the risk of manual error.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Complete Overview

Complete Overview

Our management tools will tell you exactly what happened in your nodes and will alert you when things go awry.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Kubernetes 2. Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes is designed for simple and cost-effective container orchestration. Kubernetes is an Open-source tool abundantly used by developers and operators. It aims to provide a platform for automating deployment and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts.

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Why cloudinfrastack Kubernetes?

Cloudinfrastack Icon Productivity


Develop and iterate more rapidly with easy application deployment, release updates and management of your apps and services.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency

Kubernetes knows the compute, memory, and storage resources which each application needs and schedules instances across the cluster to maximize resource efficiency.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Multitasking Operations

Multitasking Operations

Kubernetes automates application deployments, monitoring, instance replication, or cluster scheduling.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Routine Checks

Routine Checks

Kubernetes routinely checks the health of your applications to detect the ones which do not respond and replaces them.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Scalability


You can use the Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler to add instances of your application services as needed to meet the demands.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Proven Technology

Proven Technology

Kubernetes tool was developed and tested by Google. It combines the best practices of big players and experience of a quickly growing community.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Database and Big Data 3. Managed Databases and Big Data

Worry-free solution for your business. Leave the complexity of database or big data administration to us. We will handle setting up, backing up, and updating – so that you can focus on your development growth.

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Why cloudinfrastack Managed Databases and Big Data?

Cloudinfrastack Icon Worry Free Maintenance

Worry-free Maintenance

Easily launch your database and we will handle your maintenance operations and updates.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Have Data in a Safe

Have a Data in Safe

Of course, your data is critical. That is why we ensure it is backed up daily.

Cloudinfrastack Icon High Availability

High Availability

Thanks to our tools we can distribute data processing at an unlimited scale.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Security


We will keep your data encrypted and secure access to them.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Complete Control

Complete Control

Thanks to our monitoring tools you will have complete control, visibility, and auditability of end-to-end data processes.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Continuous Integration and Development 4. Continuous Integration / Development

We will configure an automated system, so every change of source code will start CI/CD pipeline. The CI/CD pipeline is one of the best practices for all developers to implement, test, and deliver code more frequently and more reliably.

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Why cloudinfrastack CI/CD?

Cloudinfrastack Icon Time To Market


By using CI/CD, you will deploy your code updates of apps to the market faster and with more confidence.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Improvements to Code Quality

Improvements to Code Quality

By using common repository store with code review, multiple developers can efficiently collaborate as a team to improve code quality.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Increase of Efficiency

Increase of Efficiency

By incorporating CI, your development team becomes more bankable and the cost of your software projects will be minimized. CI aims to break integration processes down into simple daily tasks to help minimize build costs.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Faster Software Builds

Faster Software Builds

Time is money, therefore integrating CI/CD will result in faster builds and will deliver quicker results.

5. Web Solutions

Improve performance, reliability, and security of your web applications. We will help you with your choice and with the implementation of an Open-source web serving and coaching platform to help you deliver your content to users with the highest speed, security, and reliability.

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Why cloudinfrastack Web Solutions?

Cloudinfrastack Icon Managing High Traffic

Managing High Traffic

We will implement the fastest web servers and manage your incoming traffic. We will provide you with load balancers to distribute incoming traffic with the aim to slower upstream servers.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Build Modern Website

Building a Modern Website

You will be able to build a modern Web, including WebSocket, HTTP/2, and streaming of multiple video formats.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Security

Increasing Security

Thanks to reverse proxy, no information about your backend servers will be visible outside your internal network.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Flexible and Easy to Use

Scalability and Flexibility

From one server to multiple farms, we can scale your web application on demand.

6. Maintenance as a Service

We will provide a range of services related to the maintenance and proper functioning of the entire infrastructure within DevOps practices.

Choose the service/s just for you

a) High Availability

We plan, design, and implement the infrastructure that will allow you to achieve the maximum level of accessibility of your services. We always aim to reach 100% uptime threshold. High availability protects you from lost revenue when access to your data resources and critical business applications is disrupted.

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Why cloudinfrastack High Availability?
Cloudinfrastack Icon Planned Outages

No Outages

Cloudinfrastack High Availability can reduce the impact on your customers and users whenever you need to take the systems or data offline to perform necessary maintenance tasks. Your clients will face no impact.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Disaster Recovery

Automated Disaster Recovery

Our team creates a plan and mechanisms necessary for automatic recovering of IT infrastructure after a failure. Ensuring that work continuity is the most important element of our operations.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Load Balancing

Load Balancing

Cloudinfrastack High Availability solutions can be used with load balancing. It helps not to overload your webservers in case of failover.

b) Observability

We will monitor your entire infrastructure, provide system updates to the latest versions and integrate with the tools currently used in your environment.

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Why cloudinfrastack Observability?
Cloudinfrastack Icon Clear Insights

Clear Insights

One of the biggest benefits generated from cloudinfrastack monitoring are the clear and detailed insights into the operations and resource usage of an application.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Maintenance As a Service

Easy Maintenance

Cloudinfrastack monitoring is a solution that comes without any additional maintenance overhead as this responsibility lies with the host.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Scalability

Scalability and Agility

Cloudinfrastack server monitoring solutions can support your business growth efficiently. New cloud resources are monitored automatically and on the fly.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Cost Effective Deployments

Cost-effective Deployments

Cloudinfrastack monitoring allows you to keep set up costs to minimum as you only pay for the systems you want to monitor.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Reliability


Cloudinfrastack monitoring server solutions offer you an outside view of what is going on with your servers and applications.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Remote Management

Remote Management

Cloudinfrastack monitoring works with lightweight agents to monitor the health of servers and communicates back with the cloud. This gives you complete visibility across all your monitored services, whether they are on the corporate network or not.

Cloudinfrastack Icon NetOps As a Service 7. NetOps as a service

We will provide a range of NetOps services to help you manage your networking infrastructure. All our solutions are provided on modern networking software for the open modern data center — Linux Cumulus.

Choose the solution/s just for you

a) Networking for OpenStack Cloud

Deploy hardware accelerated 100G network stack for high performance.

Traditionally, companies face to challenge with OpenStack deployment because of traditional networking vendors using proprietary vendor-specific software. Therefore, OpenStack clusters were only as flexible as the Top of Rack switch.

Cumulus networks native Linux Network operating system (NOS) makes it easy and economical to deploy, configure and manage because the networking and compute components are “speaking the same (Linux) language”.

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Why cloudinfrastack Networking for OpenStack Cloud?
Cloudinfrastack Icon Scalability and Flexbility


Enables you to customize your network and scale seamlessly

Cloudinfrastack Icon Business Agility

Business agility

The service enables OpenStack deployments to achieve goals such as minimal downtime, improved SLAs, scalability and the ability to respond to market dynamics.

Cloudinfrastack Icon Erasure Coding

Access to the source code

Since Cumulus Linux is open and based in Linux, you have full access to most of code, which is written in python so you can view investigate and modify whatever you like.

Cloudinfrastack Icon High Availability

High Availability

Our service utilizes features such as LACP bonds between hosts and leafs and MLAG between switches, thus providing greater redundancy.

b) Network Automation

Manage the switch like a server with our network automation.
Our solution allows you to leverage existing automation tools, reduce manual implementation and execute configuration using tool such as Puppet and Ansible. Moreover, you can monitor and deliver it with favorite monitoring Open Source Linux tools.

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Why cloudinfrastack Networking Automation?
Cloudinfrastack Icon Faster Software Builds

Faster Deployment

Quickly deploy the growing ecosystem of Puppet modules into any destination

Cloudinfrastack Icon Complete Overview

Complete overview

You can have complete overview over your networking infrastructure with our advanced monitoring tool

Cloudinfrastack Icon Automation

Easy automation

Using configuration tools, you can easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications and proactively manage change on switches.

c) Networking for Kubernetes

Accelerate your Kubernetes with 100G networking and native BGP access to pods. Our solution gives you shared visibility of application availability through popular container orchestration tools such as Kubernetes. You can easily view and manage the health of container services, keep track of container locations, track IP addresses and open ports and much more.

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