Why Open Infrastructure Matters

Our Company runs mainly on open source technologies. It’s no secret – we use Openstack, Ceph, Nextcloud and many more open source softwares. But what is so special about an open source software and why do people think you should prefer it over the regular one?

Firstly, by using an open source software, you support the community and the growth of the software. Some companies, like us, also like to innovate the software and explore its potential and exiting features. And that’s just awesome.

Another great thing is transparency. If something doesn’t work, there’s no need to contact the developer to ask him for a potential fixing of the problem. Since it is completely transparent, you can learn the ways and the functions of the software and if something goes wrong, you can just fix it yourself! This is almost always the road we take when we want to solve the problems in our infrastructure.

If you don’t feel like expanding the software yourself, just stick with the community for a while. You can suggest additional features and potentially contribute to the growth of the service itself. And it has a future ahead of itself – don’t be mistaken with that. As long as we use it, it will grow and develop, simply because anyone can contribute.

This topic was originally discussed at FOSDEM 2020 by Thierry Carrez, the Vice President of Engineering at Openstack. Make sure to check out the amazing debate here, online.

The original autor: Pavel F., Junior DevOps Engineer, cloudinfrastack